Bali Trekking

Bali Jungle Trekking Adventure is an exciting trekking adventure to bring you to the wonderful experience on your holiday in the Jungle Mountains of Bali. Your adventure experience to explore the Bali nature which is still original with the surrounding friendly society life and pass through the beautiful nature is really make your life perfect which the place we offer in Bali. by Bali Trekking Adventure Tour, you can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful flora and fauna of Bali island. The dense forest is the home of many kinds of birds and other fauna, which live harmoniously in their habitat. It gives you an amazing experience for a great land adventure. The most interest place we offer :

  • The Kastala Village Adventure
  • The Tirta Gangga Adventure
  • The Bukit Asah Adventure
  • The Gumang Hill Adventure

Hard Volcano Trekking :

  • The Mount Agung Adventure (The Highest Mount In Bali)
  • The Mount Batur Adventure

The Kastala Trekking adventure takes you to explore the original of Bali nature. Penetrating forest jungle and then enjoy a beautiful rice terrace and rice field while working to the point destination or see directly the life of all farmers in the rice field with their activities. We will guide you to the impressive adventure just step by step to complete your trekking experience in Bali .

The Tirta Gangga (Long trekking Adventure Tour) will guide your trekking adventure to trace and explore the nature of Tirta Gangga countryside in the east of Karangasem Bali, which is still original with the friendly society life and close to their religious life. Your adventure will end at Tenganan Village. To see more complete information about the trekking adventure via Bali Adventure Tours, Let’s join with our special guide with English speaking

The Bukit Asah with sunrise Adventure Trekking into the tropical hill forest, near the village of Bugbug, where flora and fauna thrive. while working to the hill enjoy nice view of Candidasa You can get magnificent experience by crossing from hill to hill and go dawn of the hill to find a beautiful white sand beach at the end of your working. This exotic adventure treks into the heart of Balinese nature offers the beauty of spectacular undisturbed nature and photographic opportunity.

The Mount Batur/Sunrise Adventure  is one of the trek to see a beautiful and amazing sunrise in Bali.The located is on the north east of Bali precisely in the area of Kintamani Bangli Bali.Mount Batur active volcano had erupted in 1917 and destroyed some of the housing and villages around the volcano.Though this volcano is active volcano but it is still in a safe area for the peoples whom wanna go for the trek.And it had long since become the object of trek this mountain very attractive to tourists in the world. Mount Batur peak has an altitude of 5633 feet, or about 1717 meters from the sea level. On the slopes of Mount Batur, there is a lake which is also referred to as Lake Batur. The lake is the largest lake in Bali. When we climb Mount Batur is, on half way to the summit, we already can see the stunning beauty of the lake Batur. Vast blue expanse with more landscapes complement the beauty that our eyes can see all of the view.

The Mount Agung with sunrise Adventure/Sunrise   is one of the most sacred and it is the highest mountain in Bali Indonesia. To climb it should not be arbitrary on this trip because there is some rules that must be followed when we climb the volcano  ( Mount Agung ).Its about 3142 meters above sea level. To climb Mount Agung is not easy and it is very sacred by the Balinese peoples. They believe that is where the Gods reside.To reach the top of Mount Agung climbers can pass several hiking trails,those are Besakih Temple and Pasar Agung Temple.We recommend you to pass by pasar agung temple, because the trip will easier and faster.Make sure you are 100% fit stamina in this journey because it is hard adventures and needs a strong and experienced personnel.

Pickup Times :

The Kasatala Adventure : 06.00 am – Finish
The Tirta Gangga Adventure : 06.00 am – Finish
The Bukit Asah Adventure : 06.00 am – Finish
The Gumang Hill Adventure : 06.00 am – Finish
The Mount Agung Adventure : 23.00 pm – Finish
The Mount Batur Adventure : 23.00 pm – Finish

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