Galuh Bali Spa

Galuh Bali with the 20 beds, meditation room, swimming pool, body steam jacuzzi, locker room, and nice garden to make refresh your mind.

Galuh Bali Spa
With a professional and experience therapists in your treatment will give you and excellent therapy care for refresh your mind and body.


  • Stone Massage, 2 hours US$ 70
    Aromatic footbath & Pepperminta Body Wash, Combination Massage by Warm Stone Shower and Body Lotion.
  • Aromatherapy, 1.5 hours US$ 45
  • Traditional massage, 1hours US$ 35
  • Shiatsu, 1 hours US$ 35
  • Foot massage 1 hours US$ 35
  • Reflexology 1 hours US$ 35
  • Stone Massage 2 hours US$ 70


  • Anti Facial, 1 hour US$ 35
  • Manicure Or Pedicure, 1 hour US$ 35
  • Hair Creambath, 1 hour US$ 35
    Hair and scalp treatment to make your head feeling cool and softening, strengthen the strand of hair.
  • Shirodara, 1 hour US$ 45
  • The original ayurweda treatment for the traditional therapy from India. With the extract from plant and spice is grown and abundance in tropical island mixed following the hair and scalp treatment, ideal to pacify your feel, stimulate the scalp and added fullness and Luster hair.
  • Ritual Hair Therapy, 1.5 Hours US$ 50
  • Ritual treatment for improving strengthens your hair and repairing your damaged hair. These treatments will combined with head, hair, shoulder and foot massage by herbal oil, hair wash, hair cream and serum, steam by ozone, hair wash, relaxing with hair tonic and dryer.
  • Ratus 30 Minutes US$ 30
  • Sauna/Steam 20 Minutes US$ 20
  • Creambath 1 hours US$ 35


  • Oriental Herbal Massage, 2 Hours US$ 70
  • Combination Jamu Massage and The Heated Muslin Parcel Warminf, Herbal Bath last, Herbal Drinking to Leave out your body tired.
  • Perfect Slimming, 3Hours US$ 95
    Body Steam, Volcanic Clay Body Scrub for Cellulite, Herbal Bath, Slimming Body Massage.Last, Jamu Slimming Dring to Leave Out Fats in your body.