Bali Scuba Diving

Here in Bali we offers some place for Scuba Diving Experiences. That gives you a whole new dimension to your diving adventures. As it suggests you live on the sea, while you get the opportunity to explore what lies beneath.

Pick Up Time : 07.30 – 08.00 AM

Suitable place for all level divers who want try to dive in Bali without traveling far, maximum depth 18 metres and the current is easy, in here alots of fishes,corals grow from 3 metres.
Located eastern part of Bali around one hour drive,current average and here is boat dive approximately 5 – 10 minutes to the site,corals grow from 3 metres slope down to 30 metres maximimum depth,divers will find variety of fishes,corals,shark and turtle.

AMED USS 100/Pax
This diving site has excellent coral wall formation with mild current,clear water beside variety fishes and the deep range from 8 m – 18 m,very good also for all level divers

Type of Dive Wreck,Condition Easy current, reasonable visibility
Max depth 35 metres.
Famous for USS liberty ship wreck that was sunk by japanese torpedo on war world II,suitable for all divers with mild current until none,here is beach dive and deep range from 5 m – 35 m,amazing variety of marine life like : surgeon fish,trigger fish,parrot fish,great barracuda and colony of trivally fish can found here.

Type of Dive sloping reefs and wall,Condition strong currents,reasonable visibility
Max depth 35 metres
Gili Tepekong is famous for The Canyon a deep jumble of rocks that attract profusion of life including sweetlips,banner fish,barracuda,and trigger fish.conditions here can be difficult howewer and so divers are often taken to thewalls and large coral plateau instead.Here,juvenile sharks can be found in a small cavern and there are plenty of schooling fish,small grouper,cuttle fish,snapper,beautiful corals and turtles.

Here has four sites along Penida’s north coast all feature similar terrain,swirling currents,beautiful
Reefs and plenty of fish life.The prevailling currents hit the northern coast of Penida and splits east and west,so divers can expect long drift dives and even down current.the hard and soft corals here are amongs the most beautiful in Bali,and there are plenty of big sea whips,fans and sponges indicative of the strong currents.Fish life is also plentiful and divers can expect to see lots of schooling fish out in the blue water,reef fish such as grouper and angel fish,big trigger fish and the occasional ray or tuna passing along the reef.

On the south west coast of Nusa Penida lies Manta point or rather,Manta points as there are two separate sites with the same name.both lieat the foot dramatic cliffs and offer visitor the chance to get close to big manta manta rays that feed in the plankton rich currents or visit cleaning station for the mantas to arrive.Eitherway,if everyone remains quite and calm,the mantas may approach to within metersan incredible encounter.

The best wall dive in Bali and also suitable for all divers level with easy to moderate current,here divers will find spectacular wall covered by healthy and growth well variety corals,fishes.the corals grow from 2m slope down – 6 m and then wall down to max depth 50 metres.

PRICE INCLUDE : Return AC transportation, 2 tanks,complete dive equipment,meal,dive master,insurance.

Tour Includes:

  • Fully A/C Hotel Transfer
  • Dive Instructor
  • Equipment
  • Two Times Dive
  • Luncheon
  • Insurance Cover

Don’t Forget to Bring: Sun Screen, Sun Glasses, Hat, and Camera.