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Bali Fishing Activities

Bali Fishing Activity is an exciting tour exploring the Indian Ocean with speed boat to fish the tropical fish. Indonesia is maritime island and Bali is the only one part of best fishing venue to catch big fishes from the sea. You will do like professional fisherman and catch the fish as big as you can from the Bali Ocean. We will explore the Bali fishing Spot Point by boat together with your family or colleague and you will get amazing experience in the center of ocean. you will be challenged to use your high technical fishing from the basic coral until the trawling fishing.


The best area for fishing in Bali is now available that is in Candidasa Region, Karangasem regency which is located in the eastern part of Bali Island, Get fish from the under water and catch as big as you can. With Our local fisherman from Candidasa they will drop you on the right fishing point. The fish in our region such as Barracuda, Mahi-Mahi, Giant Trevally,Tuna, Snapper and more…please try your best Choose from the formal Deep-Sea Fishing Trips or Trawling and Coral Fishing from native our out Riggers. The fishing activities we offer:


Deep sea fishing is a form of angling that requires deep waters and usually takes place further away from land. The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing territory. This fishing method is also often called offshore boat fishing, sport fishing, and big game fishing.

Start Time at 08 : 00 am


Fishing on boat and set the anchor in the fishing point to avoid the movable the boat from the wave. Start fishing and joining the panorama and the real atmosphere of the ocean.

Start Time at 08 :00 am


Get fishing on the boat while it runs over the ocean. Start fishing to drop down the fishhook in the water and pull the way of boat. The fish will chase your fishhook and catch them. This fishing will use the normal speed boat.

Start Time at 06 :00 am

price start from USD 30 / per person. the price included fishing equipment (Fishing gear / Fishing line, bite, Private boat/Traditional boat), for more information please contact Admin

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